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Teeth Whitening Strips (2 Shades lighter guaranteed!)

Teeth Whitening Strips (2 Shades lighter guaranteed!)

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Looking to try a mild formula for quick results? 

This two day treatment includes 3 sets of teeth whitening strips (top & bottom strip). NO LED light required. Whiten anywhere while on the go!

Great as an aftercare product to in-office clients!

Safe & non-toxic!

Immediate results!

Professionally Engineered Design

Ultimate White Whitening Dental Strips are a teeth whitening treatment designed to fit your teeth better while providing an outstanding whitening effect.

Whitening Teeth Rapidly

Your teeth whiten rapidly through unique oxygen activation technology.

To Achieve Optimal Results

For best results, use for one hour, once a day for 3-7 consecutive days.

    My Teeth Whitening Business is a Leader in International Teeth Whitening. #1 for Products that work!